Bismarck man arrested twice in one day for huffing

2012-01-03T14:16:00Z 2012-01-03T23:34:18Z Bismarck man arrested twice in one day for huffingBy JENNY MICHAEL | Bismarck Tribune Bismarck Tribune

A Bismarck man who was arrested after driving while huffing in August was arrested twice for huffing in the same day.

Bismarck police officers found Darrell Parisien, 30, twice in his car in the same parking lot in north Bismarck on Saturday.

Sgt. Mark Buschena said an officer searching the Gateway Fashion Mall, 2700 State St., parking lot noticed a white car in the northwest parking lot at 12:41 p.m. Saturday. The officer went up to the car and saw Parisien put an aerosol can up to his mouth. Parisien tried to hide the canister when the officer tried to get his attention, but got out of the car after the officer asked him three times.

Parisien was arrested for inhalation of vapors and released after booking, Buschena said. He said that is standard when a person from Bismarck is arrested on a misdemeanor charge.

At 8:47 p.m. Saturday, a different officer was driving through the Gateway Fashion Mall parking lot and saw a white car parked in the northwest parking lot. The car was running, and Parisien was passed out in the passenger seat holding an aerosol can in his hand, authorities said.

Parisien woke up after several attempts by the officer to wake him. The officer arrested him and took him to the Burleigh County Detention Center to be held on bond, Buschena said. He said the officer decided to take Parisien to jail after his second Saturday arrest due to his repeated behavior and to keep the public safe.

Parisien pleaded guilty on Tuesday to two counts of inhalation of vapors, one for each of the Saturday incidents, and one count of actual physical control of a motor vehicle, for the second incident on Saturday. Bismarck Municipal Judge William Severin sentenced him to 20 days with 15 days suspended and $500 in fines for actual physical control, 30 days in jail on one count of inhalation of vapors and 15 days in jail on the other inhalation count.

Severin also sentenced Parisien to 30 days in jail for inhalation of vapors for an offense that occurred on Tuesday.

Bismarck police arrested Parisien in August for inhalation of vapors after witnesses reported he passed out while driving, nearly hit pedestrians, struck a curb and drove into a ditch. He received a suspended sentence and $400 in fines for driving under the influence in that case. He also did two days in jail in September and was assessed $200 in fines for one inhalation of vapors conviction. He received another suspended sentence and $200 in fines for another September conviction.

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