Confronted with allegations of peeping on a girl in a bathroom stall, a Bismarck man reportedly told a detective, "I guess I'm guilty."

Henry Patrick Kanniainen, 47, allegedly entered the Bismarck Library's women's restroom Saturday afternoon where court documents say he spent 11 minutes, according to video footage.

A 10-year-old girl in a stall told her father about Kanniainen, who allegedly looked in on her. Her father told library staff who contacted police.

Kanniainen reportedly confessed, saying "it was a huge mistake," court documents say he told police Tuesday.

He also reportedly regretted the incident and said he was drunk.

"Why did I do that?" the case's affidavit said he told police. "It was stupid."

Kanniainen is charged with felony surreptitious intrusion on a minor and misdemeanor indecent exposure.

Judge Bruce Haskell set his bond at $5,000 cash.

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