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Thanks to a generous donation, the Bismarck Police Department will be able to welcome a fourth K-9 to its force.

A local married couple, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted the BPD earlier this month, stating they’d like to donate $37,000 to the department for the purchase of a new K-9, as well as any necessary supplies, equipment and training.

According to Bismarck Police Chief Dan Donlin, the dollar amount was determined after several in-person meetings between the couple and BPD administrative staff.

“We understand there is a great need for an additional dog,” one of the donors wrote in a letter dated March 1. “In the past, we attended a public demonstration of multiple canine units from North Dakota and Minnesota and were very impressed with the additional capabilities that these dogs offer. It is clear that they save lives and protect officers, as well as the public.”

The BPD currently has two K-9s, who are dual-trained for narcotics detection and patrol work. In January, a third police dog was authorized for purchase using a separate $10,000 donation received by the department.

The two donations, with a combined total of $47,000, came just in the nick of time. The unexpected death of K-9 Luna this past December left the department searching for options to expand their K-9 unit, as no funds were set aside in the 2018 budget to purchase additional police dogs.

“Our deepest appreciation for your dedication in protecting our community,” the donor wrote in the letter, which was addressed to the Bismarck Police Department.

The Bismarck City Commission authorized the acceptance of the donation at its meeting Tuesday night.

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