In 1987, the Rev. Billy Graham spent three days in Fargo as part of his “Peaks to the Plains” crusade. More than 65,000 people attended the services at North Dakota State University’s Dacotah Field.

The crusade took Graham to North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. He was in Fargo June 19-21. The crowds were bigger than expected and his stop in North Dakota was a financial success. The three-day event came in nearly $46,000 under budget and took in $107,000 more than anticipated.

“You can be forgiven for any sin and any failure,” Graham told the audiences. “All you have to do is repent and put your confidence in Christ alone.”

Graham’s crusade came at a time when some TV evangelists were caught up in scandal. Graham wouldn’t comment on the scandals, but did have this to say at a press conference in Fargo: “Most of the people being written about are not evangelists. In fact none of them are, except maybe one. They are … show people, or talk hosts or whatever."

“Reverend Graham led an admirable and remarkable life, helping to inspire a better vision for our nation and a stronger faith for people around the globe,” Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., said in a news release. “Through working as a civil rights advocate, preaching to hundreds of millions of people and counseling presidents, he left his mark on our nation and the world."