What do you think is the coolest thing in life? Is it a new hot car? Or is it a new 6,500-square-foot house?

It’s none of the above.

The coolest things in life are the ones that don’t make a grand entrance. They are things like sleeping in your own bed after a long trip. Or suddenly discovering that you haven’t lost something that you thought you had lost a long time ago.

It’s the sound you hear when you drop a steak on a hot grill, a hilarious Halloween costume or getting a phone call from someone you were just thinking about.

It’s an extra-long weekend, fitting all those dirty dishes in the dishwasher, being in the express lane in a traffic jam, hearing tiny things go through the hose of your vacuum cleaner and watching lightning during a good thunderstorm.

It also is when someone scratches your back and finds that really itchy spot and when a song you love comes on the radio. Or it’s the middle part of a fresh slice of bread, listening to your favorite song over and over again and a long hug when you really need it.

It’s dropping your cell phone on the sidewalk and realizing that it still works and listening to your grandparents’ or parents’ stories. Or it’s that moment during your vacation when you forget what day it is.

Maybe it’s lifting something that turns out to be lighter than you thought it was, the clicking sound a toy makes when you wind it up and napping with someone you love. Or it’s a baby or puppy falling asleep on your chest, dancing when you’re home alone or when you learn a new word and then start seeing it everywhere.

Or it’s the night before a really big day, listening to stories about how couples met, a really good long hot shower, giant morning stretches and laughing so hard that you start to cry.

It’s when you open a book to the exact page you were looking for, watching a movie at home with your loved ones, keeping your pajamas on all day, making a paper airplane or putting on your favorite pair of jeans.

Plus it’s also when you eat ice cream off the lid, look at the clock and see that you have more time to sleep and drawing on frosty windows.

Or it’s hitting a shot at a garbage can from far away, making the first footprint in fresh snow, hearing the sound of snow crunch under your boots and hearing your windshield wipers match the beat of the song you’re listening to.

It’s the little things that reveal the chapters of our hearts, said American Christian pioneer Ellen G. White.

Or maybe it’s all about the way small things have a way of overmastering the great things, like Russian-born American screenwriter Sonya Levien said.

I think artist Vincent Van Gogh had it right when he said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Kevin Holten is the president of the North Dakota Cowboy Association and executive producer of "Special Cowboy Moments" on RFD-TV.