Humpback Sally’s will be opening in Rick Becker’s new development in downtown Bismarck.

The bar and restaurant at 510 E. Main Ave. should be open in October.

Becker said Humback Sally’s will be small plate restaurant. The menu will include things like tapas and food items that are best for sharing. Customers will be able to order two or three items and split them with the whole table.

“It will be high quality food in a bar setting,” Becker said.

The restaurant will be primarily on the first level of Becker’s building. The second level will feature craft cocktails and the third level will be a rooftop bar with a retractable glass ceiling.

“The building is somewhat cutting edge, blending modern with downtown,” Becker said. “I wanted it to have a hometown feeling with the tavern but also have new things more popular in metro areas.”

New pizza company

Fireflour Pizza, a mobile wood-fired pizza caterer, will begin business in Bismarck at the beginning of June.

Fireflour will set up a booth every Friday in front of The Donut Hole at 1914 N. 12th St. in Bismarck, said co-owner Kendra Howard.

“We’ll see how that goes and from there maybe add more days,” she said.

Howard runs the business with her husband Kenny Howard. The two of them will offer catering and serve their pizza at local festivals. Their goal is to eventually open a restaurant.

“We love food and always had a passion to open a restaurant,” Howard said.

Howard said they got the idea while in Colorado. They met a man who made mobile woodfire ovens and decided they could set up a mobile pizza shop, mimicking the trend of food trucks.

Howard said they will do any type of pizza but plan to make everything from scratch and use more unique ingredients.

“It’s going to be different but we will still do pepperoni and cheese and stuff,” she said.

Howard said the woodfire oven will be hot enough to cook the pizzas in about 90 seconds. It also will give the pizza a smokier taste.

“The flavors that come from that are out of this world,” Howard said.

Howard said they will focus on pizza but said they can do more if a catering customer wants something else, like a roasted pig, dessert or roasted vegetables.

Consulting firm opens Bismarck location

SRF Consulting Group Inc. has opened a regional office in Bismarck.

SRF does planning, engineering, real estate, and construction administration.

“With North Dakota’s booming economy, our clients are challenged with addressing rapid urban and rural growth, which includes overburdened transportation systems and other infrastructure needs,” Bismarck branch manager Rick Lane said.

Clothing store remodeled

Hellman Brothers at 717 E. Main Ave. has dropped it’s secondary store, H2O, and combined it with Hellman Brothers.

“We tried the concept of having two different names,” owner Randy Hellman said. “We wanted to differentiate the clothing but it just didn’t seem to click with people. We just decided to be who we are.”

The store has added new clothing lines, like Cult of Individuality denim and FX Fusion sports wear. They also added women’s clothing. The women’s lines include Tommy Bahama, 600 West women’s suits and Patty G sports wear.

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