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New adventures await campers at the North Dakota 4-H Camp near Washburn this year.

The Discover North Dakota Camp, for youth 8 to 12 years old, is one of the new offerings.

The Create It: Science, Photography, Woodworking and Junkin’ It: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle camps are returning.

Clover Camp teaches 5- to 9-year-olds the basics of camping. This is a great experience for youth who are camping overnight for the first time.

The North Dakota 4-H Camp will host 17 camps this year. The first starts June 3 and the last one starts Aug. 5. Many of the regular camps are returning, including Livestock, Wish I Had a Horse, Survivor Outdoor Recreation and 4-H Adventure.

Youth do not have to be enrolled in 4-H to attend the camps.

The camp also has a 2-mile walking trail with markers to indicate where hikers can stop along the way to learn about the Lewis and Clark expedition and do a physical activity, such as jump on one foot, do push-ups and pretend they are paddling a canoe.

The 84-acre camp is along the banks of the Missouri River near Fort Mandan, where explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark spent the winter of 1804. The camp began as the Western North Dakota 4-H Camp, one of two regional 4-H camps. Now it is the sole statewide 4-H camp facility.

The Johnsrud 4-H Education Center, named in honor of Myron Johnsrud, NDSU Extension director from 1974 to 1986, will be used for camp registration and large-group activities, and as a place to hold activities indoors in bad weather. Two attached shower houses have reinforced walls to protect campers in storms.

The Center for 4-H Youth Development will provide camp scholarships based on financial need or special circumstances. The North Dakota 4-H Foundation provides funding for the scholarships. Some counties also provide scholarships, so youth should contact their local Extension office to learn about the availability of funding.

Visit for information on how to register and what to bring to camp, and scholarship applications.

The camp schedule:

June 3-7, Just Starting to Ride: Wish I Had a Horse Camp; You’re the Chef

June 10-14, Livestock Camp; Whopper Club Fishing Camp

June 15-16, Clover Camp I

June 17-21, Extreme Survivor; Outdoor Skills: Archery; Create It: Science, Photography, Wood Working Camp

June 24-28, Discover North Dakota Camp; Completing the Pattern: Horse Camp

July 8-12, Adventure Camp I: The “Whodunit” Mystery

July 15-19, Military I; Military II

July 20-21, Clover Camp II

July 29-Aug. 2, Adventure Camp II: Ninja Challenge

Aug. 5-9, Adventure Camp III: The “Whodunit” Mystery; Junkin’ It: Reuse and Recycle Camp

Visit for registration information, what to bring to camp and scholarship applications.

Karla Meikle is the Morton County Extension agent for 4-H Youth Development.