Summer graduates

Area students who completed the coursework to graduate in summer 2017 from Bismarck State College are listed below. In anticipation of completing their studies, they were eligible to walk in BSC's commencement ceremony in May.

Baldwin — Krista Nixon, A.A.; Chantal Schroeder, A.S. Beulah — Ryan Brouwer, A.A.S., power plant technology; Tanner Kost, certificate, power plant technology. Bismarck — Ciara Archambeau, A.A.S., paramedic technology; Lukas Becker, certificate, automotive collision technology; Dylan Berger, A.A.S., process plant technology; Sadie Black, A.S.; Evan Bothun, certificate, practical nursing; Joshua Brilz, A.S.; Lana Charvat, certificate, practical nursing; Vanisha Clerge, certificate, practical nursing; Sunshine Cook, certificate, practical nursing; Pedro Cossio, certificate, paramedic technology; Tiffany Cox, A.A.S., paramedic technology; Jacob Denning, A.A.S., heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Brennan Fetch, certificate, heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Lisa Fiechtner, A.S. and certificate, practical nursing; Brianna French, certificate, practical nursing; Asheley Gonzalez, certificate, practical nursing; Johnathan Hakanson, A.A.; Kennedy Heimes, A.S.; Kailey Hellman, A.A.; Dylan Hellman, A.A.S., process plant technology; Sarah Hockett, certificate, practical nursing; Andrew Hopkins, A.A.S., automotive collision technology; Ross Huber, A.A.; Craig Jimison-Snow, A.S.; Quinn Karges, certificate, practical nursing; Aaron Keller, certificate, automotive collision technology; Thomas Lauinger, certificate, heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Hunter Leno, certificate, heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Mckenzie Lewis, A.A.S., graphic design and communications; Alex Love, certificate, automotive collision technology; Matthew Manders, certificate, practical nursing; Caylie Mosset, A.A., A.S.; Scott Nagel, A.A.; Carolee Nagel, certificate, practical nursing; Tate Olson, A.A.S., process plant technology; Kristin Opheim, A.S.; Cory Ploof, A.S.; Lacy Ripplinger, A.A.S., paramedic technology; Randi Rodgers, certificate, practical nursing; Dursitu Roro, A.A.; Kayla Salter, A.A.; Debra Sandness, A.A., A.S.; Sarena Schaff, A.S; Brittany Schaner, certificate, practical nursing; Brandon Schmid, A.A.S., power plant technology; Lisa Schobinger, A.A., A.S; Sebastian Schroeder, certificate, automotive collision technology; ; Samantha Sheldon, certificate, practical nursingg; Tyler Sherman, A.A.S., paramedic technology; Dawson Skalsky, A.A., A.S; Christopher Spangler, A.A.S., process plant technology; Sarah Spilman, A.A; Krystal Susag, A.A., A.S; Kylie Susag, A.A., A.A.S., management (entrepreneurship); Jodi Symington, A.S; Casey Thompson, A.A.S., cyber security and computer networking; Brittany Thordal, certificate, practical nursing; Cole Vollmer, certificate, automotive collision technology; Jenna Wangler, A.A; Brandi Weiss, A.A.S., cyber security and computer networking; Courtney Williams, certificate, paramedic technology; William Winterberg, A.A.S., automotive collision technology; Scott Zimmerman, B.A.S., energy management.

Carrington— Chyanne Clark, A.A.S., management; Tyrell Larsen, certificate, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Center — Shelby Nagel, A.A.S., management (entrepreneurship).

Dickinson —Tinashe Mukoyi, A.S; Patricia Romanyshyn, A.A., A.S.

Garrison — Shelby Everett, A.A.S., instrumentation and control technology.

Harvey — Brady Bachmeier, A.S; Dustin Degenstein, certificate, automotive collision technology. Hazelton — Austyn Haider, A.A.S., process plant technology. Hazen — Rebecca Chase, certificate, practical nursing; Brittany Hillerud, certificate, practical nursing; Katherine Palmer, certificate, practical nursing; Danielle Weisz, A.S.

Jamestown — Arron Benson, A.A.S., automotive collision technology; Brandyn Harr, certificate, heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Kylan Loftsgard, certificate, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Killdeer — Alexandria Kilber, certificate, practical nursing. Kulm — Tucker Knudson, certificate, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Lincoln — Myka Miller, certificate, practical nursing; Melissa Moran, A.A; Rebecca Splitt, A.A.S., management. Linton — Joshua Grossman, certificate, paramedic technology.

Mandan — Jordyn Bjornson, A.A.S., power plant technology; Hayden Blotsky, A.A; Heather Burnley, certificate, practical nursing; Carli Defoe, A.S; Travis Fleck, A.A.S., process plant technology; Karissa Hilton, A.A; Trever Leingang, A.S; Briana Miller, certificate, practical nursing; Dustin Padilla, A.A.S., process plant technology; Amy Reimer, certificate, practical nursing; Jessica Schaff, certificate, practical nursing; Brandon Schuetz, certificate, practical nursing ; Kylee Southwood, A.A. Medora — Alexander Rechlin, A.A.S., paramedic technology. Menoken — John Vandal, certificate, automotive collision technology. Minot — Mason Graves, certificate, heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Dayne Haman, certificate, heating, ventilation and air conditioning; Shawna Newell, certificate, practical nursing. Mott — Haley Hill, certificate, practical nursing.

New England — Hunter Wolf, certificate, automotive collision technology. New Rockford — Seth Gilliss, A.S. New Salem — Amber Burck, certificate, practical nursing.

Raleigh — Anna Braun, certificate, practical nursing. Reeder — Tanner Sanford, A.A.S., heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Riverdale — Miranda Faut, certificate, practical nursing.

Turtle Lake — Kylee Reiser, A.S.

Washburn — Bryce Rost, A.A.S., power plant technology. Wilton — Cydnee Geiger, certificate, practical nursing. Wishek — Ashley Kastner, A.A.S., management.

Carpenter accepted

Brittney Carpenter, Jamestown, has been accepted into the teacher education program at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

Carpenter had to demonstrate effective reflective components in teaching, pass the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators exam and complete other requirements to be considered for the program, which allows students to begin professional education courses in their field.

Enrolled at Belmont

Krista Slaubaugh and Kendra Slaubaugh, both of Hazen, are among more than 8,000 students enrolled this fall at Belmont University, Nashville, Tenn.

Mensa scholarships

North Dakota Mensa plans to award a $500 scholarship and the Mensa Foundation will award a $600 scholarship in spring 2018, both to North Dakota residents.

The 2018 scholarship contest is open to all permanent North Dakota residents who are enrolled in a U.S. college or university in the academic year following the award (fall 2018). Applicants must write 550-word essays that describe their educational and/or career goals.

Winners will be selected based on these essays and Mensa Foundation judging criterion. Consideration is not given to grades, academic program or financial need. Mensa membership is not required, nor is it relevant.

Applications are due Jan. 15. More information is available at