A lot of students know of Chad Worrel as a math teacher at Bismarck High School, few know of the extent of his military service.

Worrel serves in the North Dakota National Guard and has been deployed before, he does this while also teaching probability and statistics, applied trigonometry, algebra 1 year 2 and also discrete math.

“I joined in 1998 and I had a short break in service after I got back from Iraq, then I reenlisted in the military again,” Worrel said.

He was not always an officer, he was an enlisted man before he became an officer.

“I have been an officer for five years now,” Worrel said.

He also has been a teacher for eight years, not all of those years at BHS.

“I have been teaching for eight years now. I started teaching in August 2005. I first started teaching in Lake Park Audubon, Minnesota,” Worrel said.

Teaching and being in the military are very different and challenging, but they also have their crossovers, and Worrel enjoys doing both.

“They are very similar, I’ve been through tons of leadership training with the military, and whether it being conducting a meeting or getting up in front of a group of individuals, the way that you conduct yourself in the military is similar to the way you would conduct yourself in a classroom,” Worrell said.

Worrel also faces the challenge of balancing both teaching and being in the military. Several times he has been forced to miss school for training. Such as this year when he was not able to get to school after being stuck out of town in a blizzard because of his weekend training commitment.

“There is a lot of things I enjoy about the military, there is so much variety,” Worrel said. “I’ve been all over the world. I’ve been to a lot of different countries. I’ve been all over the United States.”

Despite this, Worrel finds a way to balance both the military and teaching and is well regarded by his students at Bismarck High School.

“He was one of the weirdest, but best teachers I have ever had. He genuinely loves teaching and math, so he’s obviously crazy, but he does a great job,” Bismarck High School senior Jordan Bushaw said.

Worrel loves various parts of his job teaching math at Bismarck High School. Overall though, his favorite part is connecting with the students here.

“I love connecting with young people. It is so much fun to interact with students and just trying to explain a difficult concept to students,” Worrel said.