1. Why did you decide to apply for the open position on the Bismarck School Board?

I had the honor of being on the board for eight years. After the last election, which I lost by a few hundred votes,  many of the 7,300 people who voted for me strongly encouraged me to run again. Over the last year I have remained involved in the school district and realized I miss the opportunity to serve the kids in our district. Recently, the district has continued to face many challenges, and I felt my experience could be useful over the next 10 months, until the voters have an opportunity express their voices again.

2. What separates you from the other candidates?

Experience. I believe my unique experience having served on the board for eight years, in conjunction with my experience as a small business owner, provides a great combination of skills that could prove useful during this transition time.

3. If selected, what would your priorities be for the district over the next 10 months?

Work to manage growth in the district by obtaining community and stakeholder input to steer the facility planning process in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

4. Do you plan to run for a term after this 10-month period?


5. What are the main issues facing the school district right now?

Facility planning, balancing the outward expansion of student growth with the need too maintain a vital core within the central city, and implementation of a coherent governance model for the board.

6. What is one thing the Bismarck School Board does well? What is one thing you think it could improve?

The district has traditionally done a great job of involving the community in the decision making process. That is a major strength. But, now more than ever, more community input and communication is needed in order to make sure the district is going in the direction the community wants and supports. Including and listening to the community is vital.