B-L’Attitude, offering rap music with a symphonic twist, will play at the Belle Mehus for the Salvation Army Benefit Concert on Nov. 9.

Joshua Bohlen and violinist Tara Bohlen are releasing this debut album Oct. 20, offering a new track, “Elevated Love,” featuring North Dakota native vocal artist Jared Mason. 

“Elevated Love” also accompanies a music video, which portrays North Dakota vistas of the historic Badlands. The video was filmed just north of Theodore Roosevelt National Park and also in Bismarck’s Art Alley.

“It was a remarkable treat to have Mason’s unique vocals on this track,” said Bohlen, of B-L’Attitude. “Our original demo went from a basic groove to an explosive movement, taking our already amped up sound to even higher heights. We hope this is the first of many collaborations to come.”

“Making music, eating, and butte climbing at sunset with good friends is a day well lived,” said Mason, who is living in Nashville while co-writing a musical set to be released in 2018.

“Elevated Love” album includes 10 tracks that cover an array of musical styles ranging from jazz-inspired “Never Give Up,” featuring vocalist James McMahon, and funk-influenced “Today is the Day,” featuring guitarist Richard Torrence.