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4 ways a KitchenAid mixer can save you this Christmas

When you think of mixers, you probably think about baking, but these KitchenAid mixer attachments will make you rethink what your mixer can do. If you’re prepping for a big family gathering this Christmas, a mixer could be the perfect present to buy for yourself. Read more

5 Ideas for Clever Wine Storage

We’ve seen pictures of them: extravagant wine cellars that take up entire rooms, filled to the brim with every vintage imaginable. While that would be an incredible in-home luxury for us wine drinkers, most of us simply don’t have the space or budget to make it happen. That being said, we need to get a little clever about how we store our wine collections. If you’re feeling like you could use some help, take a look at the following photos for inspiration. We may not have entire rooms, but with a little know-how, we can still create the right storage. Read more

A Library Card Catalog

Clever solutions require thinking outside the box, which is surely how someone landed on using a card catalog for wine storage. It’s quirky, original and functional, and you can easily place a label on the face of each drawer to indicate the type of wine to be found inside. I don’t know about you, but I’d be happily surprised to find a wine bottle instead of dusty cards when I opened one of these drawers. Read more

A Riddling Rack

Want wine storage that’s effective and doubles as a cool sculptural piece? Begin the hunt for a riddling rack. It doesn’t need to cost a bundle: You might get lucky and find one at a flea market or antiques shop if you keep your eyes peeled. Once you find it, you can prop it up, hang it on the wall or do with it whatever you choose. As long as the wine is securely stored, of course. Read more

3 window treatments for a cozier winter

If you want to sleep in on those chilly winter mornings, or reduce your energy bills by keeping heated air inside your home, these window treatments will help keep you cozy through the coldest months of the year. Read more

Project Lab: Solid wood sewing-fabric shelves, in the style of Ana White

These solid wood shelves offer an attractive, sturdy storage option that’s custom built for a space. Read more

10 Practical Stocking Stuffers They’ll Love

So you crossed the biggies off your list during sale season, but now you’re sweating the small stuff. You’ve already spent a fortune, but you want to supplement those packs of new underwear, chapstick and fresh razors with some fun items. Here are 10 affordable stocking stuffers to solve the want-versus-need Christmas conundrum. Read more



A comfortable new mattress for pain-free sleeping

It's time to upgrade your mattress and sleep better this winter.


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