Comic store opening in downtown Bismarck

2012-10-30T16:47:00Z 2012-10-30T22:16:14Z Comic store opening in downtown BismarckBy JESSICA HOLDMAN | Bismarck Tribune Bismarck Tribune

Old movie posters riddle the walls of Action Jackson Comics, a comic book store opening in downtown Bismarck.

The store will open Nov. 7 at 402 E. Main Ave. between Amish Country Furnishings and Blarney Stone.

Owner Jackson Bird said he will be selling comic books, movie posters and protective coverings to store the collectible books in.

Bird has more than 70,000 comic books, ranging from Marvel and DC Comics to Archie Comics, Spongebob and Scooby-Doo.

“When your comic book collection takes up a whole room it’s time to thin out the herd,” he said.

Bird has been collecting comics since the ’70s.

“I was a kid and it was what other kids in the neighborhood did,” he said.

“With comic books, there’s just a wide genre of stories,” he said. “It’s not just Superman and Batman.”

One of Bird’s favorites is “The Walking Dead.” He likes reading about how the human survivors stay alive in a world infested with zombies.

“I’m a big zombie fan,” he said.

Bird also likes “Fables” by DC Comics. The comic book series places storybook characters, like the Big Bad Wolf, in real world situations.

Some of the stories Bird liked as a kid are no longer around but other titles, like “The Amazing Spiderman,” have continued.

“Fads come and go,” he said.

Bird said “The Amazing Spiderman” is his longest running collection.

Bird said his storefront is fairly small and will mostly be filled with book shelves. Any empty space will be filled with movie posters.

Bird also is a big movie fan. He even co-hosts “Reel Retro,” a Dakota Media Access show that airs old movies. He has been collecting posters since the early ’80s.

Bird has about 100 in his collection. He gets them from many different sources, like conventions or when old movie theaters go out of business.

“It connects me to some of my favorite movies,” he said.

Despite delivery delays caused by superstorm Sandy on the East Coast, Bird said he has enough in his collection that his store will open as planned.

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