Topic: Terrorism (2/3) - Obama's third-worst issue

Before the Paris attacks:

Do you favor or oppose the United States taking any of the following actions in response to the migrant crisis in Europe? [...] Answer choice: "Taking in some of the refugees"

Favor: 55%

Oppose: 44%

No Opinion: 1%

After the Paris attacks:

Do you favor or oppose allowing refugees from Syria to seek asylum in the United States?

Favor: 38%

Oppose: 61%

No Opinion: 1%

Before the Paris attacks, a majority of Americans favored letting Syrian refugees seek asylum in the U.S. After the attacks, however, the opinion has more than flipped, plummeting from 55 percent in support to just 38 percent. Here, it seems Americans fear terrorists will infiltrate the country’s borders, and have moved closer to Donald Trump on the issue (who favors blocking refugees).