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NOW OPEN! Saturdays 9am - 1pm Why 22 million Americans delay trying a hearing device to solve their hearing problem Inadequate Information. Most people lose hearing gradually and may not realize they have significant loss. Your family and friends adapt by speaking to you more loudly and clearly. The links between hearing loss and dementia alertness and personal safety, reduced job performance and earning power and diminished overall health. Seniors who have untreated hearing loss may be at an increased risk for developing dementia, a loss of brain function that can affect memory, thinking, language, judgment and behavior. This is the finding of a study conducted by researchers from the Division of Otology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Cost. Your hearing solution will be based on your type of loss and lifestyle. Many factor’s go into your hearing aid purchase and will affect the price. Which type and style is best for you? What features do you need? What’s included in the price? (Warranty, 30-day trial period, Free cleaning and adjustments). Your hearing health care provider should present to you clear and easily understood pricing options as well as financing options. Be sure to freely ask any questions that will help you make an informed decision. Stigma and Cosmetics. Some people reject hearing aids because they are concerned of what other’s will think. This does not need to be a barrier to improving your hearing. With advances in technology your hearing solution can be nearly invisible to others. Once your quality of life is improved, cosmetics will be of less concern to you. Not Realizing the Importance of Hearing Another reason for rejection of hearing aids is that people have forgotten how important hearing is to their quality of life. However, untreated hearing loss can lead to anxiety, stress, fatigue, withdrawal from family and friends, impaired memory, reduced The study included 639 people whose hearing and cognitive abilities were tested over a period of time, starting in 1990 and concluding in 2008. Researchers found that study participants who had hearing loss at the beginning of the study were significantly more likely to develop dementia by the end of the study. How might hearing loss and dementia be connected? Investigators aren’t sure, but they think a common pathology may underlie both conditions, or possibly the strain of decoding sounds over the years may overwhelm the brains of people with hearing loss, leaving them more vulnerable to dementia. The article concludes that, whatever the cause, these findings may offer a starting point for further research as to whether interventions, even as simple as hearing aids, could delay or prevent dementia by improving patients’ hearing. IS IT TIME TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEARING? MIRACLE-EAR SOLUTIONS Minot Devils Lake Williston Grand Forks RIC & BTE Options Hazen Dickinson Bismarck West Fargo mini RIC RIC XT RIC SX BTE PX BTE Wishek “ “ Custom Options The technology has changed so much over the years that you’ll be surprised what you hear. West Fargo 701-277-1478 Bismarck / Hazen / Wishek 701-222-2484 Dickinson Grand Forks / Devils Lake 701-483-3588 701-772-5313 Minot / Williston 701-852-1897 Aquavi M BTE ITE ITC/HS CIC Mirage 45 Day Trial Before Buying* *See participating stores for details FALL WINTER SPECIAL SPECIAL 30 % off ON HEARING AIDS Styles and selections may vary. Please see your local store for more information. 2331 TYLER PARKWAY • SUITE #1 • BISMARCK, ND 701-222-2484 • 1-888-313-0832 Locally Owned and Operated

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