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“I Can’t Live with Excruciating Foot And Leg Pain ” Announcing A New High Tech Method For The Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy and Type II Diabetes Symptoms Seven-Point Leg and Foot Neuropathy Evaluation! $25 During your evaluation, you will be checked for: – Foot and Leg Circulation – Nerve Sensitivity – Pain Fiber Receptors – Thermal Receptors – Pressure Receptor – Light Touch Sensitivity – Nutritional Sensitivities Once you’ve been evaluated fully and completely with our very thorough Neuropathy Treatment Evaluation, we will know if you are a candidate for this new painless and effective Neuropathy Pain Relief Program. Call NOW 701-751-4485 Expires November 15, 2017 CALL TODAY For an Evaluation (701) 751-4485 1925 Frontier Dr. Bismarck, ND 58504

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