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PAID ADVERTISEMENT Harvard Scientists Extract New Molecule from Chicken Cartilage with Shocking Results for Joint Pain Now available to the public - all natural pill for sore, stiff joints guaranteed to trigger fast acting relief without surgery or drugs By W.L. Cassidy News Media Services NMS — Scientists from Harvard University have announced an amazing new solution for arthritis sufferers. Now after years of research and testing, it’s been formulated into a new pill. Doctors have approved it for use. And sales are booming nationwide. JOINT RELIEF BREAKTHROUGH: Top doctors from coast to coast are now recommending new Tramaline to joint sufferers; Harvard clinical studies show active ingredient relieves discomfort, swelling and stiffness. The developers of this joint relief pill have called it Tramaline. And there are The results were stungood reasons why arthritis ning. sufferers are rushing to get The participants who took their hands on it. the pill as directed enjoyed To begin with, the clini- remarkable relief from joint cal results were impressive discomfort and stiffness. to say the least. They reported less swellParticipants taking Tra- ing and greater flexibility, maline’s active ingredient too. They could even exerenjoyed greater flexibility cise and grip objects with in their hip and knee joints. greater ease and comfort. They reported less soreness And while everybody and swelling in their wrists, knows there is no miracle fingers, elbows, ankles and cure for joint problems, toes. They even reported some participants achieved less stiffness and discomfort a complete and remarkable after periods of rest. remission in the signs and “Tramaline is the most symptoms of their sufferexciting solution to come ing. along in decades,” said Dr. How it works Ryan Shelton, a medical Tramaline is a one-a-day doctor from Seattle. pill that’s taken at night “We’ve finally found a before sleeping. The pill pill that relieves swelling... lubricates joints for easier is small. Easy to swallow. movement... and protects There are no harmful side against cartilage destruc- affects. tion without side effects,” he added. Remarkable discovery Scientists have discovered an amazing compound with a known ability to relieve joint problems. This compound is not a drug. It is the active ingredient in Tramaline. Research reveals it gives users excellent results. These include greater flexibility, increased range of movement, and relief from nagging discomfort. Clinical studies show Tramaline’s active ingredient may even assist the body in growing new cartilage between joints. It also lubricates and reduces friction between joints. This allows for smoother and more comfortable movement. Impressive clinical results “Tramaline is a good choice for any person with an aching knee, finger or hip joint,” said Dr. Jacob Moss, an MD from Illinois. “The results of using this pill can be less swelling and greater flexibility without discomfort,” he added. Double Money Back Guarantee Users report incredible results with Tramaline. That’s why it is now being sold with an equally incredible guarantee. “We can only make this guarantee because we are 100% certain this pill The active ingredient works,” says Swanson. in Tramaline is a natural Here’s how it works: compound called UC11. Take the pill exactly as diThe scientific evidence in rected. You must feel sigsupport of it is so impres- nificant relief from joint sive that it has now been discomfort and stiffness. awarded two United States You must experience greatpatents for joint relief and er flexibility and range of arthritis. motion, too. Tramaline’s active ingreOtherwise, simply return dient relieves the cause of the empty bottles. Include swelling around the joints. a short note about how It is also a key building you took the pills and folblock of cartilage. Cartilage lowed the simple instruclubricates the joints and retions. Then, Nexus Formuduces friction while acting las will send you… double as a shock absorber. This it your money back! what allows for smooth and How To Get comfortable movement. “Cartilage is part of what allows young people to be so active without getting sore joints. But as we age, this cartilage breaks down. This is what forces bones and joints to grind together. The result is nagging These great results are discomfort,” said Dr. Jawhat’s causing sales of Tra- cob Moss, a medical docmaline to skyrocket. tor from Illinois. “We knew we had a great product,” said Vik Swanson, President of Nexus Formulas, the makers of Tramaline. “But it’s even exceeded our expectations. We’re getting thousands of calls per week. People just keep placing orders. It’s been amazing,” he added. ercise with ease, then this pill can help. It contains a powerful active ingredient shown in Harvard University studies to relieve joint problems,” he added. Tramaline This is the official nationwide release of Tramaline in the United States. And so, the company is offering a special discount supply to any person who calls within the next 48-hours. A Regional Order Hotline has been set up for “Tramaline is the first pill local readers to call. This of its kind to lubricate the gives everyone an equal joints, reduce swelling and chance to try Tramaline. assist the body in rebuildStarting at 7:00 am toing cartilage. It does all this day, the order hotline will without causing harmful be open. All readers have side effects,” Moss added. to do is call TOLL-FREE What the experts 1-888-603-5303 right now. are saying Then provide the operator “Tramaline is taking with the Discount ApprovAmerica by storm,” said al Code: TL140. The comDr. Ryan Shelton, a medical pany will take care of the doctor from Seattle. “The rest. The U.S. clinical trials were conducted by scientists clinical evidence shows it from Harvard University. works with no adverse side The studies included both effects. Plus, most users men and women suffering are reporting relief within the first 30 days,” he added. from severe arthritis. The participants were not instructed to change their diet or exercise habits. They were told only to take Tramaline’s active ingredient for 90 days. Important: Due to Tramaline’s recent media exposure, phone lines are often busy. If you call and do not immediately get “I recommend Tramaline through, please be patient to people with sore, stiff and call back. Those not getting joints,” said Dr. Erik Wood, a medical doctor from Mi- through before the 48-hour ami, FL. “If you find it dif- deadline expires must pay ficult to grip objects or ex- more for Tramaline. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All doctors mentioned are remunerated for their services. All clinical studies on Tramaline’sTM active ingredient were independently conducted and were not sponsored by Nexus Formulas.

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