Details for Power of 100 Women

POWER OF 100 WOMEN Presents $19,000 to Stark County Veterans Memorial Association Pictured left to right: Ninetta Wandler, Becky Sadowsky, Cathy Logosz, Char Wanner, Shirley Dukart, Irene Schafer, Dave Logosz, Deb Dragseth and Art Wanner. Standing: Mayor Scott Decker Power of 100 Women Dickinson, a local charitable group, met on October 24 to review three charities selected by their members to consider for their seventh quarterly donation. At the general meeting members voted to support Stark County Veterans Memorial Association. Dave and Cathy Logosz received the donations on behalf of Stark County Veterans Memorial Association. The Stark County Veterans Memorial Pavilion is under construction with an estimated completion date of February 2018. The Power of 100 Women will have a major impact in the completion of this beautiful facility. These generous donations will allow for the installation of state-of-the-art audio/visual electronics and security systems, as well as kitchen equipment and other items. The Pavilion will be used by veterans’ organizations for monthly meetings. It will also be available for use by the public through the Dickinson Parks and Recreation Department. With the audio/visual equipment, the Pavilion will be a great place for school children, business meetings, class reunions, and other gatherings. Power of 100 Women Dickinson is a dedicated group of local women working together to change people’s lives and help build a great community for all. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis to select a charity to support with their $100 donations. Women interested in becoming a member can contact Shirley Dukart at Home and Land Company or Irene Schafer at the Pennysaver.

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