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Veterans of Foreign Wars Invites You To Come In Annual Veterans Day Program DINNER SPECIALS: Taco Reid Tuesdays at the Russell Auditorium 1235 S. 12th St. Bismarck, ND Wednesday: 2 for 1Center Burgers in the Heritage 222-1525 • 222-1525 Thursday: at 9:45 AM on Spaghetti 11 November BingoBn umBers for ingo Friday: Steak Dinner 2017. Coordinated by the sat.,5:30 april pM 9th: M-F Sgatame . 1 1pM58# & 5:30 pM $350 neWofBingo hotline Veterans Foreign Wars, numBers updated daily gg ame 3 58# $200 aMing openS Post 1326 of Bismarck. 701-527-0477 $500 game4 4pM58# M-F like Ted us onHeggestad faceBook Commander 6 56# $819 game Sat . noon VfW post 1326 K Veterans Day Bingo M-F 5:30 pm sat. nov. 11th Sat. pm & at5:30 pm Club1 Opens 11am Free Veterans Meal Happy Hours: starting at 11:30am Until M-F Gone,4-6 Pulled pmPork, Bread, salad, Garnish. Sat.Happy 3-5 pm all Day Hour. KkaraoKe hurS.,T Fri. & M tda daSat.&8:30 Th pM da s!

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