Details for Need it Christmas Finder Dec 2017

THIS IS THE BEST Our Famous Delicious YOU CAN GET Fully Trimmed Bone In, Small End $ Prime Rib Roast Alaskan 9.99 Lb. Seasoned Free upon request with the original Gourmet House Seasoning. Homecured & Smoked The Best Ham In Town. Save 60¢ lb. $ Whole or Half Hams Homecured & Smoked Please order your Meat & Cheese Trays Early Center Cut Ham Slices Whole Smoked Turkeys Butcher Block and all the employees wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Thank you for your patronage in 2017! The best Pork Roast you can get. $ Pork Loin Roast Fresh Never Frozen Fresh Turkeys Marinated Steaks Rib Steaks Save $1.00 a Ib. Great on the grill. USDA Choice Tender T-Bone Steak OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Lb. 3.29 Lb. 3.99 $ 2.29 $ 7.99 $ 9.99 $ 10.49 Please call and order yours in advance. 10 lb. to 24 lb. size. South American USDA Choice Tender $ Lb. 4.59 $ Butcher Blocks Homecured Tender-Delicious-Tasty Boneless Rolled GIFT CERTIFICATES & GIFT PACK BOXES AVAILABLE! These Are Excellent. 2.99 King Crab Legs Save $4.00 per lb. $ Mouthwatering & Delicious 8 oz. each 19.99 13.99 $ Lobster Tails Lb. Ea. Mrs. Friday’s Quality Breaded Fantail or Jumbo Round Shrimp $ Excellent Peeled & Deveined Cooked Shrimp Lb. USDA Choice Lb. Tasty & Delicious Sirloin Tip Roast Leg-O-Lamb Roast 26-30 Ct. Save 70¢ lb. Please call ahead & order yours today! 21⁄2 Lb. Box 27.99 9.99 $ 4.99 $ Ea. Lb. Lb. 7.99 $ Whole Ducks 3.99 $ 10.99 Porterhouse 108 W. Main, Mandan 663-0558 Lb. Lb. Grade A Quality USDA Choice Tender Lb. $ Lb. 5 to 7 lb. average Lb. 10 to 12 lb. average. Lb. We are open till 4:00 pm on Christmas Eve Day. Closed Christmas.

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