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PAIDADVERTISEMENT Memory Loss Reversed In New University Clinical Study Thousands rush to get new memory breakthrough after major clinical study discovers active ingredient reverses up to “12 years of mental decline” – Local residents hurry to beat possible 48-hour deadline Signs of Memory Loss Reverse: MaryAnn clutches her husband Robert as she shares how grateful she is to “finally have my husband back.” By Steven Saint Clair Brain Health Researcher eople concerned about their memory are flooding a local call center with calls. Callers are scrambling to grab a new doctor recommended pill for memory loss called Minaxil. And it’s such a breakthrough that many think it’s being attacked by powerful corporations who see it as a threat to their profits. Demand for the new pill skyrocketed after top doctors published breakthrough clinical trials of phosphatidylserine, one of Minaxil’s active ingredients. “We knew Minaxil was an amazing product after seeing the active ingredient’s clinical trial results,” said Robert Douglas, head of Research at YN Labs. “But we never could have imagined this kind of demand. It’s incredible.” But a closer look at Minaxil suggests that maybe the company should not have been surprised by the endless demand. “Studies show the active ingredient in Minaxil may reverse up to 12 years of mental decline in just 90 short days,” says Dr. Rehana Miller, M.D. “People improved their ability to concentrate, recall the location of lost objects, and even improved their ability to remember people’s names. This is a major breakthrough. I highly recommend this.” P WHY SO MUCH EXCITEMENT? Losing one’s memory can be terrifying. Imagine forgetting people’s names, losing your train of thought, and forgetting important memories. People say that it feels like their lives are disappearing. Making them feel powerless. So to understand why Minaxil is so popular just imagine seeing the same clinical trial results of the active ingredient: Imagine being able to now remember events from decades ago like it was yesterday. Imagine you have more focus and concentration. You feel quickwitted and sharp as a tack. No more ‘senior moments’ or forgetting people’s names. In clinical trials participants taking Minaxil’s first active ingredient saw a 44% boost in improved memory. And they also increased their learning ability by a whopping 33%. The trials also found that it worked better the poorer someone’s memory was. The brain-boosting effects were also ‘cumulative.’ Meaning the longer participants took it, the better the effects. Leaving many to wonder if taking it long-term might reverse memory decline completely. BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS Top doctors from prominent Universities across the US have conducted numerous clinical trials of Minaxil’s main active ingredient. One trial was published in the peerreviewed medical journal Neurology. The studies included men and women aged 50+ who were suffering from memory problems due to age. And the results were nothing short of amazing. The participants who took the pill as directed were able to remember people, events, numbers, names and even faces easier and more clearly. It was like their brains were completely awakened. Even participant’s ability to concentrate, recall telephone numbers and the location of lost objects were significantly improved. They also boosted their thinking speed and accuracy. Resulting in a “sharp-as-a-tack” like effect. Doctors concluded that participants rolledback “12 years of mental decline.” The results were so shocking more studies were commissioned. Over 17 clinical studies were conducted. And they found the same impressive results. For example participants saw a 44% improvement in memory power and even a whopping 20% boost in brainwave activity. Nothing like it has been seen before. In fact the FDA awarded Minaxil’s main active ingredient with a rare “Qualified Health Claim for both Cognitive Dysfunction and Dementia.” REAL CAUSE OF MEMORY LOSS DISCOVERED This latest memory breakthrough was possible because scientists believe they’ve discovered the source of memory problems; a lack of a key substance in our brains called ‘acetylcholine.’ Acetylcholine helps our brain cells communicate. Transferring information from one area to another. Without it our thoughts become “stuck” and we can’t access information and memories. Yet as we age our acetylcholine levels drop. And by age 50 our acetylcholine levels dive even further and faster. Causing our memories to decline sharply as we age. In fact studies have also found as certain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia progress, the brain produces less and less acetylcholine. Some think if you solve the acetylcholine decline problem, you could possibly stop memory problems completely. SURPRISING DISCOVERY Scientist have just discovered a new substance that’s an actual building-block for acetylcholine. And it’s the second major active ingredient in Minaxil. Resulting in skyrocketing sales and limited supply as memory decline sufferers rush to get it. Studies suggest this active ingredient found in Minaxil increases the level of acetylcholine in user’s brains. And more acetylcholine means better neural connections and increased memory ability. Yet what makes Minaxil truly unique is that it combines these two active memory-boosting ingredients into a synergistic and powerful formula. And Minaxil is a small, once-a-day pill. It’s safe to take and it’s not a drug. And the only ‘side effect’ is that the active ingredients actually boosts your mood and can even help you sleep better. Scientists believe the active ingredient in Minaxil reduces cortisol, the brain’s stress hormone. Resulting in less stress, which leads to better sleep and a more positive mood. Brains Suddenly “Awakened” Artist’s Rendering of Brain Scans Demonstrate Increased Brain Activity LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS And the first users are seeing incredible results. “I thought my memory was shot. But trying this has definitely cleared up my foggy thinking and I am finding I am able to think much more clearly on my feet. My friends and family noticed the difference right away. I’m like my old self again! I’ve recommended it to several friends who are complaining of memory loss.” said Carol M. from Spokane, WA. And Tom S. from Stockton, CA says, “My mother was having some serious memory problems. I was afraid her mind was slipping away and she’d be gone forever. But now I finally feel like I have my mother back. I’m so glad we tried this!” RARE OPPORTUNITY TO GET IT Many believe Big Pharma hates seeing their previous customers flock to this new memory pill. It’s estimated that memory issues are a 10+ billion dollar market. And Big Pharma doesn’t like anything that threatens their obscene profits. Rumors are even circulating that Big Pharma could lobby their government connections to get Minaxil banned. And if Big Pharma were successful Minaxil could suddenly be pulled from the market. But the makers of Minaxil are fighting to keep it available. Yet in order to control the skyrocketing demand and to keep Big Pharma off their back they’ve had to limit sales drastically. So starting today the makers are only taking orders on a first-come first-served basis from those with the invite code in select areas. And those with an invite code may even qualify for a discount. But only for the next 48 hours. Yet there is no guarantee Minaxil will be released in the same area again. But the few who get in now will be given priority VIP access for future orders. Today is the official release for local residents who have an invite code. The makers gave us permission to print the invite code here for our readers. So starting today at 7:00 AM call TOLL-FREE 1-888-879-8313 and give the operator this invite code: M7392. You must have this code to get your own supply of Minaxil. Important: The makers informed us that due to recent media exposure like this, phone lines are often busy. If you don’t immediately get through please keep trying. This hotline may expire in just 48-hours. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All doctors mentioned are remunerated for their services. Names and locations have been changed for privacy protection and the graphics are an artistic rendering by the marketer.

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