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Total HEALTH RESTORATION fOR Weight - Loss BY DR. KIRK R. BLACKWOOD Restoring your health from : • CANDIDA • PAIN RELIEF • THYROID ISSUES • WEIGHT LOSS • FIBROMYALGIA • NEUROPATHY • MALE/FEMALE HORMONE BALANCE • IBS • RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME • TOBACCO FREE Did you know... The thyroid gland (impo rtant for fat burning) is controlled by nerves in the brain stem. ND Life Spa has medical technology to measure how this area of your bo dy is functioning.A few months ago, we had a patient start our thyroi d treatment protocol that had just been diagno sed by her medical doctor. She with hypothyroidism and Type 2 diabetes ailments. Before starting was advised to start medications for both the first try our natural treatm prescriptions, she was determined to ents at ND Life Spa.After treatments, she was re-tes completing our ted at another clinic and words,“a clean bill of hea received in her lth.” Her thyroid and blo od sugar levels were both normal and she’d los t well. Look for Amy’s hea 30 pounds of fat in the process of getting lth miracle video testimon ial on the ND Life Spa Facebook page @ndlif espa. SUCCESS STORY S! MARY KAY LOST 100 LB Today more than ever there are weight-loss programs ranging from diet and exercise, to eating only pre-packaged processed foods or cabbage soup. Diets that involve meticulously counting calories and weight-loss machines that promise results.The truth is that for most Americans getting “results” is only half the battle. Despite more research, technological advances and new weight-loss methods, the dreaded “gain loss cycle” continues to be at the root of the obesity epidemic. Depending on the source, it’s estimated that as many as 95% of Americans who lose a significant amount of weight, go on to… you guessed it...GAIN IT BACK! Statistically in our culture, it’s almost impossible to lose weight and keep off for more than 5 years. For more proof look at the popular TV documentary “My 600 Pound Life.” At the beginning of each episode they state that each participant that undergoes weight-loss surgery will have a 5% chance of long term success! ND Life Spa has had the opportunity to treat many patients that have been through weight loss surgery. Patients like Steve R. lost 60lbs in 12 weeks with ND Life Spa. He stated that he lost weight a lot faster on our program compared to after his surgery.This is exactly why at ND Life Spa we have a unique approach to weight-loss that has allowed us to receive consecutive awards for Best Natural Weight Loss Clinics in Bismarck. Now I’m going to reveal the secret of why our patients are successful at weight loss and show you why we regularly see countless health miracles with our amazing patients, as they drop the weight once and for all. The answer is simple and beautiful. It’s Total Health Restoration.When the human body is healthy and balanced it tends to move towards it’s ideal weight, and stay there. It makes sense to get people well. At ND Life Spa we accomplish this in a variety of ways.We are experts in gut health and the immune system.We work with world renowned Naturopathic Doctors from Solutions4 that are leaders in the field of clinical detoxification, holistic nutrition, herbology and more ( Furthermore, I am a board-certified D.C. and I can identify and address a person’s fat burning weaknesses.Things like: sluggish thyroid, hormone imbalance, candida, poor sleep, chronic pain, adrenal fatigue, stress, toxicity and more. I personally struggled for years with most of these symptoms but was fortunate enough to experience the kind of total health restoration that I now use to get my patients healthy and fit. I lost over 30lbs and have kept it off for a decade now, easily and effortless. With ND Life Spa’s unique holistic approach, we typically see health issues resolve with our weight-loss patients, and conversely, we typically see permanent weight loss with the patients that are being treated for health issues. If this is starting to give you hope and you want to learn how to become a fat burning machine, or maybe you’re looking to regain your health naturally like I did; contact us at ND Life Spa. Bring in this article and receive your initial evaluation for only $25. (Valued at $125) 521 E Main Ave Suite 400 Bismarck, ND 58501 | 701-751-4485 Dr. Kirk R. Blackwood NDLIFESPA.COM HEALING FROM WITH IN

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