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State of North Dakota,
K.C., Child;
Mercedes Crissler, Mother
Karmen Fox, Father;
Sharla Price, Guardian ad Litem, )
File No. 08-2017-JV-00307
You are hereby summoned to appear
personally at the Juvenile Court in the
Burleigh County Courthouse, Bismarck,
North Dakota, on January 16, 2018, at
8:30 a.m., for the purpose of hearing
the Petition made and filed with this
Court. The Petition claims the child is
alleged to be a deprived child, as more
fully appears from the Petition. A copy
of the Petition can be obtained at the
Clerk of Court’s office.
You are entitled to have the Petition
Hear ing heard by a Judge of the
Juvenile Court, Instead of by a Referee,
by filing a written request for a Judge
with the Clerk of this Court within seven
(7) days after receiving this Summons.
You are not required to have an
attorney in this case. If you desire
the assistance of an attorney, and are
unable without undue financial hardship
to employ one, the Court, upon your
request, will appoint an attorney for you.
Dated this 15th day of December, 2017.
/s/Pamela Nesvig
Judicial Referee
12/20, 27 & 1/3 - 20919780

Civil No. 08-2017-CV-00206
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
a judgment of foreclosure by the District
Cour t of the South Central Judicial
District in and for the County of Burleigh
and State of North Dakota, and entered
and docketed in the Office of the Clerk
of said Court on October 16, 2017,
in an action wherein PHH Mortgage
Corporation was Plaintiff and Rodney
A. Morrell; Raynee Morrell; and any
person in possession were Defendants,
in favor of Plaintiff and against the
Defendants for the sum of $131,733.02,
which judgment and decree, among
other things, direct the sale by me of
the real property hereinafter described,
to satisfy the amount of said judgment,
with interest thereon and the costs and
expenses of such sale, or so much
thereof as the proceeds of said sale
will satisfy; and by vir tue of a writ
issued to me out of the office of the
Clerk of said Court, I, Pat D. Heinert,
Sher iff of Bur leigh County, Nor th
Dakota, will sell the property described
in the Judgment to the highest bidder
for cash at public auction at the front
door of the Courthouse in the City of
Bismarck in the County of Burleigh and
State of North Dakota, on January 17,
2018, at the hour of 10:00 A.M. (CT),
to satisfy the amount due, with interest
thereon, and the costs and expenses of
such sale, or so much thereof as the
proceeds of such sale will satisfy. The
property to be sold is situated in the
County of Burleigh and State of North
Dakota, and described as follows:
Part of the Southwest Quarter (SW1/4)
of Section Ten (10) Township One
Hundred Thir ty-nine (139) Nor th,
Range Eighty (80) West of the Fifth
Principal Meridian, Burleigh County,
North Dakota, described as follows:
Beginning at a point 75 feet East
and 1150 feet South of the Northwest
Quar ter cor ner of the Southwest
Quarter (SW1/4); Thence East 150
Feet; Thence due South 50 feet,
Thence due West 150 feet; Thence
due North 50 feet to the point of the
beginning; aka 6041 Ridgedale Street,
Bismarck, North Dakota 58503.
If the sale is set aside for any reason,
the Purchaser at the sale shall be
entitled only to a return of the deposit
paid. The purchaser shall have no further
recourse against the Mor tgagor, the
Mortgagee or the Mortgagee’s attorney.
hereunto set my hand and seal this 1st
day of December, 2017.
/s/Pat D.Heinert
Pat D.Heinert
Sheriff of Burleigh County,
North Dakota
By: /s/Troy A. Fleck
38 Second Avenue East
Dickinson, NO 58601
Attorneys for Plaintiff
(Published: 12-20; 12-27; 01/03)
12/20, 27 & 1/3 - 20919302


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A public notice is information
informing citizens of
government activities that
may affect the citizens’
everyday lives.
Public notices have been
printed in local newspapers,
the trusted sources for
community information, for
more than 200 years.

Three Affiliated Tribes
Elbowoods Memorial Health Center
Dental & Optometry Clinic
1058 College Drive
New Town, ND 58763
January 2, 2018
The Three Affiliated Tribes Elbowoods
Memorial Health Center is soliciting
proposals from Construction Management
firms to provide a CMAR services for
a proposed building addition to the
Elbowoods Memorial Health Center
The Elbowoods Memorial Health Center
is a full-service clinic that provides
preventative and therapeutic healthcare
services to its patients and is looking
to expand and build a state-of-the-art
Dental and Optometry Clinic.
The original building design of the
building was designed to a Silver rating
based on the U.S. Green Building
Council LEED NC version 2.2 system.
The new Dental and Optometry Clinic
will be built to the same LEED standards
as the existing Health Center.
The project is to include, at a minimum:
A. A f u l l y f u n c t i o n a l d e n t a l a n d
optometry clinic
1. (11) dental operatories of which
two specifically designed for
2. Lab
3. Panoramic X-Ray
4. (4) eye care treatment exam
5. Dispensing eyeware area
6. Procedure eye care
7. Shared Waiting and Reception
8. Staff support spaces
B. Additional parking will only be added
as required by local ordinance.
C. The structural system for the original
building was traditional cast-inplace spread footings with concrete
foundation walls, concrete slab-ongrade, load bearing masonry exterior
walls with steel joists and metal
deck. The expansion of the new
dental and optometry clinic will be
similar construction.
D. On-site infrastructure. It is assumed
that the existing infrastr ucture
system is not expandable to handle
the new expansion and a new
stand-alone mechanical, electrical
and telecommunication room will
be provided to suppor t the new
expansion. The new expansion will
include an automatic fire protection
E. Coordination with City of New Town
developing off-site infrastructure.
1. Off-site roads, lighting and
2. Off-site Sanitary Sewer
3. Off-site Domestic Water
F. C o o r d i n a t i o n w i t h l o c a l u t i l i t y
1. Off-site power and other utilities
G. Landsc aping and green space
A. Pre-construction services.
B. Estimating services from Design
Development through Construction
Documents. C. Construction feasibility
recommendations throughout the
design phase.
D. Complete project construction delivery
which would include all construction
costs, fees and other costs typical of
large capital projects - not to include
A&E Fee, FF&E
(furniture, fixtures and equipment) and
other separate costs the owner may
The Elbowoods Memorial Health Center
requests the following information be
submitted within an 8.5” x 11” soft
bound document for use in selecting
a Construction Manager at Risk.
A. Format:
1. Paper Submittal: Submittals should
not exceed 25 printed pages,
excluding the front and back covers
and section dividers, and shall be
with a soft bound document using
8.5” x 11” portrait format paper. Ten
paper copies shall be submitted.
2. Electronic Submittal: One electronic
format copy of the submittal shall
be included in the submittal on a
flash drive. This copy shall be a
non-editable PDF version of the
paper copy.
B. Project Experience:
1. Each firm shall supply project
names, size, cost and schedules
for a minimum of three comparable
projects based on total project
cost, function and typical
construction methods. Firms shall
also provide a resume of all tribally
related projects with references
as well as their familiarity with
Fa c i l i t i e s G u i d e l i n e I n s t i t u t e
standards. Reference information
shall also be included indicating
experience with CM Agency and
CMAR projects.
C. Ability of Key Personnel:
1. Q u a l i f i c a t i o n s a n d r e s u m e s
of Principal In-Charge,
Project Managers and on-site
Superintendents. Key personnel
shall have an ASHE (Healthcare
Construction Cer tificate) or
(Certified Healthcare Constructor)
cer tification. Special attention
will be given to firms with CHC
credentials. Give an organizational
chart with a list of responsibilities
of each team member.
D. Project Schedule:
1. TBD
E. Current and Projected Workload:
1. I n d i c a t e a v a i l a b i l i t y o f k e y
personnel, wor kforce, and
consultants as it relates to project
commitments and schedule.
F. Sub-Contractors:
1. S e r v i c e s r e q u i r ed f r o m S u b Cont ractor s will be procu red
through a Competitive Bid
Selection Process administrated
and processed by the CMAR. The
Elbowoods Memorial Health Center

reserves the right to approve any
and all Sub-Contractors. Criteria for
selection of the CMAR based on
Sub-Contractors, includes, but is
not limited to the following:
a. The number and quality of
Sub-Contractors the CMAR will
b. The ability to demonstrate
a positive working relationship
with Sub Contractors (or other
construction related services)
including references from
key General, Mechanical and
Electrical Contractors attesting
to the ability of the CMAR
to complete the project and
coordinate the various aspects of
the work.
c . D e m o n s t ra t i n g a n a b i l i t y
to forecast local bidding and
construction conditions as it
relates to sufficient work force
and costs.
d. Open book bidding to be
reviewed by the Owner.
G. Fees:
1. Fees will be negotiated with the
successful CMAR firm.
H. Self-Performance and Bidding:
1. The CMAR may be allowed to
self-perform no more than 10%
of construction. A minimum of
90% of the construction must
be competitively bid through an
advertised bid process. The only
potential exception for added selfperformance will be for a scope of
work for which no competitive bids
were received and then, only with
owner approval.
I. Guaranteed Maximum Price:
1. The Guaranteed Maximum Price
(GMP) will be provided to the
Owner at the completion of
Constr uction Documents. The
CMAR will be required to obtain
bids and/or quantify costs for all
work so that the GMP amendment
may be executed within one week
of completion of the Construction
Documents Phase.
2. The GMP must be equal to or less
than the last estimate provided
to the Owner during the Design
Phase, or result in forfeiture of all
design phase fees.
J. Savings on the Guaranteed Maximum
1. It is an expectation that the CMAR
will make ever y effor t to find
savings within the project during
the Construction Phase. Distribution
of savings on the GMP will be
negotiated with the successful
K. Bonds and Insurance:
1. Proof of ability to provide a bond
in an amount at least equal to
the amount of the Guaranteed
Maximum Price of the project as
well as meet necessary insurance
requirements of the State of North
L. Procedure for Submissions:
M Firms wishing to be considered
shall submit ten (10) paper copies
and one (1) electronic copy of the
qualification materials no later than
4:00 PM COT on Jan 25, 2017
at the offices of: Rj Rabbi/headFacilities Manager 1058 College
Drive NewTown ND 58763, email:
1. The following sequence of events
is contemplated for the selection
procedure of a Construction
Manager at Risk:
RFQ Advertisement
Jan 2- 23, 2018
Qualifications Due
Jan 23, 2018
Shortlisting of CMAR Candidates
Feb 5, 2018
Inter views with Select CMAR
week of Feb 15, 2018
Select CMAR Services
Feb 20, 2018
Final Project Completion
Feb 2019
NOTE: Submitting a Proposal
indicates the Firm will be available
for interviews. Interviews will
b e c o n d u c t e d a t E l b owo o d s
MemorialHealth Center and will
be approximately one hour in
duration. It is anticipated by
the Owner that the CMAR will
have the project personnelin
This Request for Qualifications
(RFQ) for a Construction Manager at
Risk (CMAR) does not obligate the
Elbowoods Memorial Health Center
to award a contract or complete the
proposed projects. The Elbowoods
Memorial Health Center reserves
the right to cancel this RFQ if it is
considered to be in its best interest.
Proposals must be clear and concise.
Proposals that are difficult to follow
or that do not conform to the RFQ
for mat or binding specifications
m ay b e r e j e c t e d . R e s p o n d i n g
vendors must include the required
information called for in this RFQ.
The Elbowoods Memorial Health
Center reserves the right to reject
a proposal if required information is
not provided or is not organized as
directed. The Elbowoods Memorial
Health Center also reserves the
right to change any provision in this
RFQ. Nothing in this RFQ obligates
or commits the Elbowoods Memorial
Health Center to any arrangement
regarding the projects. All costs
associated with submittal preparation
shall be borne by the submitter.
1) Experience working with Tribes
2) Experience with Indian Health
Services/Federal contracts
3) Ability to work in a rural area
4) Completing projects in a timely
manner-provide examples and
5) Bonded
12/27, 1/3 & 10 - 20920405


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