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Request for Qualifications
Construction Manager At Risk (CMAR)
Dickinson Public School District #1
Dickinson, North Dakota 58601
The Dickinson Public School District #1
is preparing for the renovation of P.S.
Berg Elementary School located at 307
3rd Ave West, Dickinson, ND 58601.
Total costs will be no more than $3.5
million. The delivery method for this
project will be through a Construction
Manager At Risk (CMAR) including
specific criteria required by the Owner.
The successful CMAR for this project
must be able to comply with the
schedule and other specific criteria
established by the Owner. Responses
to this Request for Proposals are due
Thursday, December 28, 2017 by 2 p.m.
Information packets outlining the format
for the Request for Qualifications may be
obtained by contacting the following:
Dickinson Public School District #1
Attn: Kent Anderson – Business Manager
444 4th Street West
Dickinson, ND 58601
P: 701-456-0002
12/7, 14 & 21 - 20918417

The City of Bismarck is seeking cost
proposals for lawn care for the 2018
season for a list of sites. Proposals will
also be received for two option years,
2019 and 2020. Proposals for Lawn Care
for the City of Bismarck will be received
by the Board of City Commissioners
of the City of Bismarck in the office of
the City Administrator, until three (3:00)
o’clock p.m., Thursday, January 11,
2018. Bids will be publicly opened and
reviewed at four (4:00) o’clock p.m., on
Thursday, January 11, 2018.
The proposals must be mailed to the City
Administrator (PO Box 5503, Bismarck
ND 58506-5503) or otherwise deposited
with the City Administrator (221 North
Fifth Street, Bismarck ND 58501) and
shall be sealed and endorsed “Proposals
for Lawn Care”. If a bid is to be faxed
or electronically submitted, the bid must
be sent to a bidder’s agent independent
of the City of Bismarck, placed in a
sealed envelope, labeled according to
this specification and delivered to the
office of the City Administrator prior to
the bid deadline.
Bids shall be submitted on proposal
forms furnished by the City of Bismarck
and in accordance with description
of work therein contained. Copies of
proposal forms and specifications may
be obtained upon request from the
Director of Public Works, 601 South 26th
Street, Bismarck, ND, by mail at PO Box
5503, Bismarck, ND 58506-5503, by
contacting Public Works at 701-355-1700
or electronically from LaVonne Wohl,
Facilities Manager at lwohl@bismarcknd.
All bidders are encouraged to attend
a pre-bid meeting at the Public Works
Department (601 South 26th Street) at
2:00 p.m. (CDT) on Wednesday, January
3, 2018. All questions shall be directed
to LaVonne Wohl, Facilities Manager,
Public Works at
All bidders are invited to be present at
the opening of the proposals.
The right is reserved to hold all bids for
a period of forty-five (45) days, to reject
any and all bids, to waive technicalities
or to accept such as may be determined
to be for the best interest of the City of
City of Bismarck
Keith Hunke
City Administrator
12/7, 12 & 19 - 20918231

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Head Start Program
Request for Proposals
Head Start Construction
Project Manager
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe will engage
the services of Head Start Construction
Project Manager on a contract as a
consultant for the construction of the
Head Start Facility at Wakpala, S.D.
Major Duties/Qualifications:
1. The Head Start Construction Project
Manager will assist the project
through the planning, construction
(in accordance with the Head Start
Perfor mance Standards 45 CFR
Part 1303) and implementation and
operation of the Head Start Program.
2. Knows how to operationalize the
R ev i s e d H e a d S t a r t P ro g r a m
Performance Standards specifically
related to construction of Head
Start facilities.
3. During the construction phase of
Head Start facilities the consultant
will implement the following activities
as per Head Star t Perfor mance
Standards 45 CFR 1303:
4. Advertisement for Bids (or solicit
selected contractors, using prequalifying criteria)
5. Prepare instructions to Bidders Form,
including the method for award of
contract (e.g., to the lowest bid or
the lowest base bid in combination
with alternates)
6. P r e p a r e C o n t r a c t F o r m a n d
Contractor’s Application for Payment
7. P r e p a r e C o n s t r u c t i o n C o n t ra c t
General Conditions and Supplemental
8. Prepare budgets for the construction
of the facility.
9. Prepare Bonding and Insurance
10.P r e p a r e C o n s t r u c t i o n C o n t ra c t
Completion Time and Closeout
Documents necessary for Substantial
11.Prepare and submit Federal Notice of
12.Understands the unique implications
of implementation and planning
process for Head Start.
The consultant must have a minimum
of bachelor degree in Early Childhood
education with five year experience and
has prior experience in implementing
CFR 45: Part 1303 Facilities.
Compensation: Negotiable based on
qualifications and experience
Submit Written Proposals by December
8, 2017: 4PM:
Ms. Carmelita Bear Ribs, Director
P.O. Box 768
200 Proposal Avenue
Fort Yates, N.D. 58538
Tel: 701 854-7250
12/1, 2, 4, 5, 6 & 7 - 20917517

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