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PAID ADVERTISEMENT Innovative Alternative to Adult Diapers and Catheters for Men Stay Dry 24/7, Discretely Change Once a Day, Covered by Medicare and most Private Insurance Plans If you’re one of the four million American men who secretly wear adult diapers, or use a catheter to deal with your urinary incontinence or weak bladder, here’s some lifechanging news. There’s a new noncatheter alternative available that not only helps keep men dry and leak-free for up to 24 consecutive hours, but the best part is, if you’re covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans, you can try this high-tech ‘fluid collection’ breakthrough at little to no out-of-pocket cost. “The most degrading thing that my husband can think of is being in a diaper,” says Tina J. “Men’s Liberty to the rescue. We attended our granddaughter’s graduation in comfort and without the fear. You couldn’t tell he had it on, which was a big concern for him.” Invisible Under Clothing Men’s Liberty is made of a gentle, skinfriendly material that softly stretches and moves with a man as he changes position. Unlike diapers that cause diaper rash, yeast infections, and dermatitis, Men’s Liberty attaches to the tip of a man’s anatomy, directing his flow to a discreet collection pouch. It’s comfortable way to stay dry 24/7, stay discrete and secure. Doctor Recommended “It doesn’t cause skin irritation, and my patients never have to worry about red spots or sores. My patient doesn’t wear disposable briefs anymore, and I am happy to report that he always has a dry bed and a dry pair of pants.” For John C., Men’s Liberty is a “lifesaver.” Carefree Comfort For years, John dealt with urinary incontinence by wearing an indwelling catheter. When he discovered Men’s Liberty, his life changed. “It’s allowed me to maintain my lifestyle with my work and my family.” Death of Diapers? Will this urinary breakthrough sink the $7 billion adult diaper industry? Many experts think so. Because adult diapers are not covered by Medicare, the estimated four million men who use them daily pay as much as $300 a month in out of pocket costs. Tucson resident, Sam T., wore them for years. “I remember the continued moisture in my crotch would give me a yeast infection, not a good thing,” he says. Sam wore four or five absorbents during the day, and two or three at night. “All of that went away when I found Men’s Liberty,” he smiles. Enjoy Life Again “I can wear Men’s Liberty for 24 hours with minimal interruption,” says Sam, “even after drinking coffee!” Discreet and Unnoticed “The drain nozzle is hidden right above the hemline. So, I can stand at the urinal, like other guys, and discreetly drain the pouch, and no one notices a thing. In ten seconds, I’m good to go!” Doctor’s Choice Managing urinary incontinence in a medical setting can be challenging. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are frequently caused by catheter use. If untreated, UTIs can cause a secondary infection, often resulting in hospitalization. That’s why Men’s Liberty is recommended by leading healthcare professionals. Urologist Alden Cockburn, MD, has personally tried Men’s Liberty and now recommends it to his patients. “I tried it myself during one of the testing phases and it’s very comfortable; certainly, more comfortable than the alternatives,” he says. Four Million Used More than 4 million Men’s Liberty units have been used, with ZERO attributable UTIs or serious skin injuries. That comes as no surprise to the thousands of healthcare professionals who recommend Men’s Liberty everyday. Dr. Fernando Borges. “I recommend Men’s Liberty to patients with urinary incontinence because of the low incidents of trauma, erosion, and infection.” Covered by Medicare Men’s Liberty is covered by Medicare, TriCare, and most private insurance plans. Standard decuctibles and co-pays apply. You could be getting Men’s Liberty for little or no out-of-pocket cost! The Men’s Liberty Team will help you see if you qualify for coverage and even take care of all claims and billing to your insurance provider. Free Week’s Supply Get your insurance card and call today at 1-800-814-3259 to get a Free Week’s Supply with your first order! Just mention code BTB1016 to receive this special offer. A New Way to Manage Male Urinary Incontinence at Home and On-the-Go 100% STAY DRY COMMITMENT Stay Dry 24/7 Men’s Liberty is a revolutionary alternative to help manage male incontinence that is non-invasive and very discrete. It is also covered by Medicare, Medicaid, VA/TriCare and most insurance plans for little to no out-of-pocket cost*. TM *Standard deductibles apply. What the Diaper and Catheter companies aren’t telling you: Adult Diapers trap moisture, are inconvenient, embarrassing and cost hundreds of dollars per month. Internal Catheters are extremely invasive, may cause pain and urinary tract infections. Condom Catheters have short wear-time, fall off easily and can cause skin infections. Get your insurance card and call 1-800-814-3259 or visit to get started today! Promo Code: BTB1016 Manufactured by: LT 94013 IR

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