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I have heard that FluMist is not recommended for
this year, are there other options for my child?
Based on current evaluations, the CDC has
determined that the FluMist vaccine was not

Patrick Brunelle, R.Ph

working as expected and has further recommended that FluMist
not be given this year. These recommendations came from studies
showing that over the last 3 flu seasons, FluMist was considered to
be ineffective compared to the standard flu shot. It is important to
know that the CDC recommendation is an interim decision that could
be reversed once more research and additional data is reviewed.
The conventional injection is still available and recommended by the
American Academy of Pediatrics for all children age 6 months and
older unless it is contraindicated. Although parents are hesitant to give
their kids shots, there are many distraction techniques that can be
used to ease the discomfort of the flu shot administration. After all, the
pain of a quick shot is better than the aches and pains of the flu.

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